50 Health and Beauty Tips To Stay Fit & Beautiful

1. Invest in a good pair of shoes
Keeping fit is the pathway to a good healthy lifestyle. Whether you choose to run, jog or walk, always get a good pair of comfortable shoes otherwise the effects can be reverse.

2. Go herbal
Natural remedy is there right in your kitchen. Heal yourself with basic herbs like mint,tulsi, coriander leaves steeped in hot water. Other exotic herbal products are available dried or fresh in the market for overall health like basil, thyme and rosemary. Enjoy the goodness of herbs!

3. Aromatherapy
Essential oils are concentrates with extraordinary aromas that can be inhaled or applied on the body to give immediate results. Very effective for colds, aches and pains, overall health found in eucalyptus oil and lavender oil. Healing experience with aroma oils and homemade beauty tips is rejuvenating.

4. Say no to sugar
Sugar and sugary food pumps in calories and slows down your metabolism. There are recipes that are made from natural sugar found in fruits that can give you a delicious alternative to white sugar. It’s only a matter of choice.

5. Massage

Pamper yourself with a nice warm oil massage to calm you down and feel refreshed throughout the week. De-stressing with a massage works wonders for the soul. Find a good masseur who uses natural oils and ingredients that will benefit your skin too.

6. Soak your feet
Nothing can beat a nice large bowl of warm water to soak your feet in, with a handful of sea salt or rose water. All your blues will fly away, leaving you feeling moist and soothing.

7. Triphala
One of the best natural extracts of three key ingredients of Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. This trio combination improves digestion, purifies blood and tones the entire gastrointestinal tract.

8. Dental hygiene
Basic brushing twice a day, flossing and tongue swabs are important. Other than that, chewing crunchy fresh fruits and vegetables help immensely for strong teeth and gums. Rinsing and oil pulling also alleviates decay and cavities.

9. Hair
Give your crowning glory more attention than usual.Learn some hair care tips and get into the routine of oiling and nourishing hair and scalp strengthens hair follicles and driving away dandruff and dryness.

10. Washing hands
The habit of washing hands with plain water and soap ensures no bacteria or germs enter your body because hands are the main sources for germs entering into your system. This helps keeping your skin, especially your face from infections.

11. Green tea

Go green with green tea, a main source for natural antioxidants. Helps in weight loss and this light concoction is refreshing to your body and mind.

12. Stretch yourself
A ritual of stretching out has immense benefits. Whether you are at work or just waking up from a good sleep, stretch your limbs by extending and reaching out as much as you can. It releases all the knotted up tensions in the body so that you can look forward to the day.

13. Sumptuous breakfast
Super duper breakfast heaped with all the nutrition and energy for the day is such bliss to start your day. Enjoy a nice continental meal with eggs, cheese and toast with juice to wash it down. Or a delicious rotis and idlies with dal can boost your mood.

14. Early supper
Soups and salads with very little carbs are advised. A light supper gives rest to your digestive system while you are sleeping. A fruit or a cup of hot milk as a night cap is a great way of rewinding for the day.

15. Beat the boredom
Bored of repetitive cardio exercises and routine? Try something new. There are Pilates, aqua zumba, Thai chi, kick boxing, and the list is long. Variations will keep your interest level high and you will be working on different set of muscles every time.

16. Beauty sleep
Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours of the day is very important. Sleep deprived lifestyle will have very bad side effects in the long run. Your beauty sleep results in glowing skin and a happy mood.

17. Fruits furbish

Packed with vitamins and minerals every fruit has benefits for man and his wellness. Seasonal fruits are easy to get and fresh and will ensure variety in your diet. At least 3 to 4 helpings of fruit in your daily diet ensure good nutrition value.

18. Colorful veggies
Intake of different colored vegetables enhances nourishment for your body and mind. Yellow, green, red and orange vegetables have vitamins and minerals that can give totally natural nutrients provided you make sure they are grown organically.

19. Exercise
Make exercise part of your lifestyle. Take the stairs and ban the lift. Get into the habit of walking or cycling to nearby places. You not only stay healthy but save money on the fuel indirectly saving the ecosystem.

20. Smile away
A smile costs you nothing. At the same time you have made an impact on another person’s day. Smiling will definitely keep you positive and feel good hormones get secreted in plenty.

21. Water
Keep yourself hydrated by sipping water throughout the day. Toxicity gets washed down, cleansing and reviving your body from sickness and lethargy.

22. Take deep breathe
Deep inhalation of fresh air and exhaling impure air is an instant boost to your respiratory system. Breathe in positive thought and do away with negative feeling for a renewed mind and calming day.

23. Play a game
Activities, especially one with a team like basketball, badminton, carom board and chess helps you to jump out of a tired day or long week of work. Interacting and competing with friends definitely does wonders to your mood.

24. Close to nature
Get close to nature as much as possible. Trees, mountains, beaches and sea, watching the sunset and fishermen still at work keeps you connected to nature and God’s beautiful creations. Appreciate it.

25. Be a child

Learn to let go and be a child. It might sound crazy and stupid, but playing around, laughing out loud, jumping will free you from all the tensions of tomorrow. Enjoy the little moments.

26. “Me” time
Find some space and time for yourself. It is important to connect with oneself on a regular basis that will give you an opportunity to bounce back to whatever you are doing. This time can be for listening to your favorite music or just lie down relaxed.

27. Update your cosmetics
Always check for expiry dates while using make-up products as they might be harmful to the eyes and trigger allergies. Nail polish and mascara are well preserved when refrigerated and will not dry up over a period of time. Always use chilled rose water for an instant glow.

28. Mobile-o-mania
Long duration usage of mobile phones for talking and ‘whatsapping’ may have severe side effects. The rays emitted have permanent hearing loss and other damages that will emerge on constant use. Be diligent while using your mobile as it has so many advantages too.

29. Wardrobe worries
Dress up to the climate. Change your wardrobe as the season changes. This would help you enjoy the weather and at the same time keep you healthy.

30. Reinvent new styles
Keep experimenting on hair styles and attires. The creative side in you will give you the satisfaction and constantly reinvent your looks or you can get the expert suggestions and makeup tips from your stylist too.

31. Handy first-aid
Keep a box of cotton, astringent, band-aids, some ointments for cuts and burns which will save a lot of time looking for it at the time of mishaps at home or while travelling.

32. Popping pills
Never buy medicines across the counter. Always get your physician to prescribe medicines. There are dangers of overdose and side effects. Never take the course of antibiotic prescribed by the doctor earlier. Consult your doctor always.

33. Pump up your iron
Iron rich vegetables and cereals are the best to bring your hemoglobin to be normal. Iron, calcium and Vitamin D go hand in hand for a healthy body. Monitoring these elements now and then ensures good health.

34. Add fish to your diet

Generous amount of Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the body to strengthen the immunity system and healthy body. Fish and other food rich in omega 3 components like fax seeds are essential for your well being.

35. Less salt, more health
Avoid salty food like pickle as they will encourage water retention in the body and is also one of the main causes for high blood pressure. Minimum salt intake ensures good health.

36. Yoga
Yoga asanas can benefit people when practiced regularly. Pranayama and surya namaskar practiced with other asanas have marked improvement in the body and mind.

37. Acupressure
Pressure points that benefit different problems in the body are very scientific and time tested over hundreds of years. Regular pulsating pressure techniques at targeted points give immediate relief.

38. Regular health check ups
Periodic tests and reviews will keep you informed on the areas where you need to be careful and take care till the symptoms disappear. Prevention is better than cure.

39. Personal hygiene
Clean habits and small initiatives to keep one clean will keep your body from contacting with germs and bacterial infections. Keep yourself dry, warm and protected from harsh weather conditions. Bathing every day helps a lot.

40. Skin health
A glowing skin is a well-cared for skin. A regime of cleansing, toning,moisturizing and other skincare tips has all the benefits of a healthy shine in your skin. Removing make-up before going to bed and keeping your skin moist and hydrated is very important.

41. Protection from sun

Sun block with a maximum SPF and sunglasses is a must. A scarf to protect your hair will definitely help. Sunshine is needed for the skin as it absorbs vitamin D. An overdose of sunlight is likely to damage all the cells. So go easy on the exposure to the sun.

42. Go for grilled and steamed food
Fried oily food, dunking your rotis in heavy gravies is mouth watering. Keep it very rare. Get used to grilled and steamed food that is easy on the stomach.

43. Say ‘no’ to processed food
Preservatives and emulsifiers are harmful. Don’t make it a habit to eat processed food. Instead, go for natural food that is healthy and good. Spruce up the dishes with herbs and spices to make it interesting.

44. Minimize the fizz
Aerated, artificially flavored drinks are harmful. They do have an instant boost in energy but fizzes off in few minutes and does more harm than good.

45. Easy to the eyes
Lighting inside the house should be natural and keep your lighting moderate and pleasant. Very little lighting and harsh lighting may be unpleasant.

46. Join a help group
Contributing to the society brings out the goodness in you and participating in different workshops and giving your inputs gives a nice high to your mood.

47. Networking is cool
Interact with friends and colleagues, always be aware of their problems and discuss issues that are relevant to you and them. This sharing of thoughts makes you feel blessed and happy.

48. No-no to smoking
Smoking definitely kills not only you but everyone around you. Be aware of such habits and keep away from them.

49. Palming practices
Placing the palm on your eyes without pressure and relaxing with your eyes closed restores tire eyes. Try it today.

50. Meditation techniques
Learn to meditate at least a few minutes a day as you will benefit from keeping calm, giving rest to your thought and cleansing your soul.

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